Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Wish for Those Who Grieve

May you...
Give yourself permission.
Breathe deeply.
Say her name when you want to. his name. their names.
Cry when it hurts.
Laugh when you can.
Treat yourself as a most cherished loved one.
Know that I see you. I hear you.
Scream and swear and break whatever is in your way.
Feel the love that you had for her. for him. for them.
Release anything and anyone who needs to go.
Say what you need to say (or not when you can’t).
Feel all of it for as long as you need.
Linger there or let your fingers just skim the surface.
Go back whenever you want.
Hold your breath and hide in the corner if that is what you need.
Say no. Say yes.
Stay. Leave. Return.
Forgive yourself.
Be gentle with yourself.
Tear shit up when you have to.
Feel this light, this wish, this blessing, this love that I have for you.

#writeingrief Day 18--A blessing, a wish for those who grieve.