Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dear Alaska, Your brothers started planning your birthday party.

Dear Alaska,      ‽

Hey, baby girl! Today was a nice day. Your brothers started planning your birthday party for New Year's Eve. They're very excited. Asher says, "I can't wait to celebrate with joy in my heart! I just wish Alaska was here right now to snuggle."

Elliott told me that you were his answer to the question, "Which family member are you closest to?" He also wrote about how Alaska is his favorite state because of you.

Your brothers are so proud of you, Alaska Eileen. We all are. <3

Now I have to tell you about Daddy today. He bought a carpet cleaner and completely geeked out over it. He's so cute when he tornadoes through the house on a cleaning spree! He's the best. I did have to tease him a bit because, really, who gets excited about cleaning carpets‽  <<< Hey look! An interrobang!

I miss you every second.

I love you forever.

Love, Mommy    <3     ‽