Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Healing Hearts

Dear Alaska,       ?!

Today Grandma Dawn told us that she heard good news on her heart! She has been worried that you wouldn't know her as Crazy Grandma Dawn--the grandma who has a bazillion projects going and who thinks that she is "strict." When she told us that she thought she was a strict grandma, we laughed at her. It was so cute! I'm serious. This is why...
If you would have asked her to make a pizza that was in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, she would have found a way to do it (probably by enlisting Grandpa Donnie's help). 
If you would have asked her permission to sled down the stairs, she would have let you (as long as Daddy and I weren't there to stop it). 
If you would have asked her if you could keep a baby lamb, she certainly would have been the one to plant that idea in your head (knowing that it would never happen).
If you would have asked her to read you a story before bed and to snuggle you to sleep, she would have given you the best grandma cuddles.
Alaska, your grandma is about as far from strict as she can get, but she is the best. Her heart might be broken, but it's healing.

Sending you hugs and kisses...I miss you.

                                      Love, Mommy ?!