Thursday, February 27, 2014

Because She Lived

Asher: My story is called "The Happy Family."

Me: Is Alaska in your story?

Asher: No, then it would be called "The Sad Family."

Me: Alaska is part of everything in our family. We're happy right now. We are sad that she isn't alive, but we still need to live our best lives. She's with us right now. Alaska is part of all of it, not just the sad.

Asher: Right. Because she's always with us. I just wish everyone believed me that I'm a big brother. Some people still don't believe me.

Me: Those people are wrong, Asher. You are Alaska's big brother. The fact that she died doesn't take that away. Alaska existed. She lived. When my grandpa Neil died, he didn't stop being my grandpa. You and Elliott will be Alaska's big brothers forever.