Sunday, February 16, 2014

No Such Thing As Love Etcetera

My cousin Jenn commented on "Thankful Etcetera" through Facebook last night. My response to her evolved into this post. Jenn wrote:
"I hate life gave you this heartache. I love how through the pain you refuse to let it destroy your beautiful heart and spirit. Your words are healing to many people's hearts. Why bad things happen to beautiful wonderful people like you I may never understand. But I do believe your mess is a beautiful message that you have wrapped in these beautiful words that only you can give. Your children are learning true strength the strength that comes deep and is only known by someone with a broken heart. I love you so very much! Alaska has an amazing momma she didn't get to feel that love on this earth long enough but she felt it none the less. I believe she watches over you. Let her see her beautiful momma laugh love and let her eyes dance. Love you sami! Call if you ever need a shoulder or a smile or a hug. I'm always here!"
Thank you, Jenn, for your beautiful love and support. And thank you for shining through your own pain with strength.

I guess bad things happen to good people because great things happen to good people. Life doesn't discriminate. Rather than ask "Why me?" we should ask, "Why not me?" We can't make sense of life no matter how hard we try. I guess this is why people find comfort in the words, "Everything happens for a reason." I'm not there yet, and I don't understand how people get to that point after losing a child. Here I am again trying to make sense of the senseless.

I hate that this pain happens to you and me and so many others, but if the alternative is nothing, I will take the pain because it's all I have of Alaska. Well, it's not all pain. It's pain etcetera which is really love and part of that love is pain. There is no such thing as love etcetera.

I love you!