Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To Be Held

Oscar, Beary, and Jeff

Part of Alaska's job as baby sister would have been to be held by her big brothers. Elliott and Asher were looking forward to holding her and playing with her. Beary, our teddy bear who holds Alaska's urn, has been a comfort for us as we grieve. We decided to order bears for our boys so they could have their own sister snuggles. Elliott wanted Alaska's picture along with her name and her big brothers on his bear's shirt. He named his bear Oscar.

Asher wanted his bear (now named Jeff) to have a shirt with a picture of Jesus holding Alaska. He also decided that we should add pictures of him and Elliott standing with Jesus and Alaska. Jeff's shirt says "BIG BROTHER" because it was important for Asher to know that he is still a big brother even though he will never meet his baby sister.
Jeff's shirt

Teddy bear snuggles are in no way powerful enough, but they're what we have. Well, teddy bears and each other.

Oscar's shirt