Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear Alaska, he thinks of you anyway.

Dear Alaska,     ‽

Today is Daddy's last day of being 30! Your brothers and I went shopping for birthday gifts today. They decided that we should pick out a little memorial for Daddy to have in memory of you. We found an "A" keychain. It was the only one--the only letter and the only "A," so we decided it was perfect.

A for Alaska.

A for angel.

I know that Daddy doesn't need anything to remember you by because he thinks of you anyway, but it sure was nice to see his face when he opened it tonight. That's another thing about your dad. He's kind of a sucker and let's the rest of us open gifts early sometimes. We decided to let him open all of his gifts tonight. I wasn't going to let him eat his birthday cake (German chocolate like always), but he had to try it because "if you have German chocolate cake in the house, you have to eat it."

Your daddy is the best, Alaska!


Mommy   <3   ‽