Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Gift: #muchnesschallenge

A few weeks ago, I won this "Finding Your Muchness FUNbook" by the inspiring Tova Gold through a giveaway on Facebook from Tova's passion project called FindingMyMuchness. I first learned about FindingMyMuchness through a blog post where Tova wrote about an experience after losing her twin girls.

Immediately I connected with the idea of muchness. I had recently started my blog around my feelings that I had lost my interrobang along with my daughter--my interrobang is my muchness. In the FUNbook, Tova writes, "I'd lost that fire. I'd lost that confidence and that sense of promise and belief in myself." This is how I felt after Alaska died--how I still feel. I am working my way back to interrobanging my weirdness over books and tomatoes and zombies and writing.

Here's to joining the #muchnesschallenge. Thanks to Tova for the inspiration and sparkle!