Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dear Alaska, Your brothers were amazed at the blanket.

Dear Alaska,            ‽

 Grandma Dawn, Auntie Nae, and Uncle Josh came to visit us this weekend. When they got here on Thursday night, they gave us a blanket that a lady named Noelle made for you. It's the perfect size to snuggle around Beary. I'm snuggling them right now. <3


Auntie said that your blanket was at a TEC retreat that she went to where many prayers went up. We have been surrounded by love and kindness and prayers from family and friends and strangers, Alaska. Your brothers were amazed at the blanket and hearing about all of the prayers. They wanted to send a thank you to everyone who prayed. I know that we can't do that because we don't know everyone, but we can pray back. Maybe I will post this letter so that at least some of the people who have prayed will know how much we appreciate the prayers and that we are sending prayers for them also.

Daddy sent me a sunset picture tonight from the river. He's fishing for his birthday this weekend, and he's actually going to bring some fillets home this time! He hasn't had great luck lately, so we're excited to eat some walleye this week. :)

I love you forever, angel girl!

Love, Mommy     <3      ‽