Monday, March 17, 2014

Dear Alaska, We are living big huge lives.

Dear Alaska,     ‽

Hey, baby girl! Are you playing with with a kitty today? My friend gave me a note that told me about how her family's cat died last weekend. She told him about you, and he lifted his head and looked at her. It was such a sweet moment, and I am so glad that she told me. <3

We miss you everyday, Alaska, but we are living big huge lives in your honor. Today on my muchness journey, I exercised with friends and I listened to music and I wore the most ridiculous combination of pink/burgundy/red to work out in and I walked to school over puddles and I listened to stories from your brothers (Elliott is acting very chill about having his name drawn to be prince of the carnival at school, and Asher saw a leprechaun!) and Daddy grilled some delicious steaks and I just did a headstand.
Icy Puddles‽ 

Love you forever!

Love, Mommy <3    ‽

p.s. Sometimes run-on sentences are ok.