Monday, March 10, 2014

Finding My Muchness: Sky and Song

Day 1: My theme for this Muchness Challenge is sky and song.


A life well lived is a life lived to music. Lately, I have neglected music for silence or listened to songs that speak to my pain. The Muchness Challenge is about finding my light even when I am in darkness, so today I listened to my ‽ playlist that is filled with my favorite songs.


I have written about the interrobang worthiness of the sky and healing with headstands, so during my #30DayMuchnessChallenge, I commit to noticing the sky each day by pointing my eyes and my toes up.

Today I found my muchness on a walk toward the pale orange sunset with my boys. We walked through dirty snow and deep puddles under the gray sky. I used to complain about dirty snow; it's the opposite of the shimmer that coats every surface throughout the freezing temperatures of winter--and often fall and sometimes spring. I used to complain about this dirty-snow-time-of-year where slush covers every surface, but today I found my muchness on a dirty snow hill with my sons.

I found my muchness outside surrounded by dirty snow and brown rivers flowing through gravel glaciers:
And, Mom, wouldn't that be cool if there was a whole world down there in that river? And another one? And what if we're just a speck like in Horton Hears a Who? Wouldn't that be cool? And, Mom, under the snow hill the grass is waiting to stretch out, dry off, and green up. Wouldn't it be cool to be that grass?
And finally, after our walk, I found my muchness in a headstand. I can feel the light. For Alaska.