Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear Alaska, What is a meatball doing in Candyland‽

Dear Alaska, ‽  

Today I am thinking of the stories we would have told you at bedtime. Asher brought home a picture that he made at school, and it reminded me of the bedtime stories that I used to tell your brothers. Sometimes I still tell them bedtime stories, but it doesn't happen every night like it used to. I'm going to try to find one of the stories that I posted on fb a few years ago. I know that it took several days to complete (I used to fall asleep in the middle). :)

Now Asher tells stories to anyone who will listen. Today he shared his theory on the science and magic behind volcanoes (it's all very complicated and beyond my understanding of both magic and science). I know that he and Elliott would have told you some entertaining tales!

I love you, Alaska!

Love, Mommy  <3    ‽

p.s. Here is the story about a meatball that ended up in Candyland that I told to your brothers in 2009.

Once upon a time Gingerbread Man and Gummy Guy went on an adventure to visit the King of Candyland. They traveled far, swimming through Soda Lake, struggling against a marshmallow blizzard, and walking through a sucker forest. Suddenly, Gingerbread Man ran into a giant meatball. "What's this in the middle of Candyland‽ This IS NOT candy!"

Gummy Guy said, "I think it might be a meatball. I've heard of these. Smell it...no sugar. hmmm...we're not going to be able to get around this thing..."

"You should try to climb over it," said Candy Cane as she approached the two adventurers. "I'll give you a boost, Gummy."

As it turned out, they couldn't climb over the meatball, and they couldn't squeeze around the meatball.

"What are we going to do?" asked Gingerbread Man. I don't think we're going to get through. "We'll never see the King of Candyland at this rate!"

"It smells good...I wonder what it tastes like," said Gummy Guy.

Candy Cane said, "You try it. I'm allergic to all nonsugary foods."

Gummy Guy and Gingerbread Man ate a tunnel through the giant meatball. It was the best food they'd ever tried. Candy Cane crawled through the tunnel to the other side of the meatball. "I think we'd better tell the King of Candyland about this. He may not be happy about this meatball showing up in the middle of Candyland. We'll need to bring proof, though. He might even want to try a bite," said Gingerbread Man. Candy Cane filled her empty cookie jar with a piece of the meatball; Gummy Guy put small pieces of the meatball in his plastic candy cane-shaped container; and Gingerbread Man sliced pieces of the meatball into his ice cream bucket. The three adventurers were ready (and a little nervous) to present the king with their surprising find.

After days of camping and trekking through Candyland, they finally made it to the castle. In order to cross the hot cocoa moat, the three friends had to build a 10-cracker tall s'more raft so they didn't fall in the moat as the hot cocoa turned the s'more into mush.

Luckily, the raft held and Gingerbread Man, Gummy Guy, and Candy Cane reached the castle with the meatball samples for the king. One of the chocolate easter bunny guards from the gate approached them, "What business do you have here? The King of Candyland does not let just anyone in...What is that smell?"

"We've brought a piece of the giant meatball that we came across on our adventure. The king must see and taste the meatball," said Gummy Guy.

"Yes! It's really very delicious considering it is not candy. We don't know what the king will think of our discovery, but he deserves to know about the meatball presence in his kingdom," said Gingerbread Man.

"WHAT IS A MEATBALL DOING IN CANDYLAND‽" roared the chocolate Easter  bunny guard.