Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blessings and Pain

I realized after a day without pain meds that my body isn't yet healed. Fr. Andrew visited this morning and gave me a blessing for mothers of miscarriage.

My mom and I took Elliott and Asher to the Children's Museum. I hadn't thought about what it would be like to be surrounded by babies and pregnant moms. I love seeing the babies and hearing their baby noises, but it also hurts. It broke my heart to see Asher play with the little ones and know that he doesn't get to hold our baby in June. This kid was made to be a big brother.

But all of those babies are blessings--nursing, spitting, laughing, crying little blessings.

Elliott had his first experience with archery today. As I watched him and the other kids (while trying to stay in the background and away from conversations with strangers), a pony-tailed girl of about 10 caught my attention. Is our angel baby a daughter? Would she have shared these outdoor hobbies with her brothers and daddy? Or do we have another son? I want to know right now!

My sister Sunshine gave us the idea to create a blessings jar for this year. On our angel's birthday, we will open it and read our blessings from 2014. Even on this painful day, we had several blessings to add.